March 22, 2017

House Keeping Services

HD Cleaning offers Housekeeping!

What is housekeeping?

Housekeeping is all the tidying up and extra work that isn’t included in a regular standard clean.

Why schedule housekeeping for your home?

Have you ever walked into your friend or loved ones home and felt compelled to start picking things up, folding scattered house blankets, or doing dishes? No? Well, we have! We can’t help but try to keep things tidy! All of the toys, books, miscellaneous objects, and clothes that get misplaced during the week can be put back in their rightful home with a few strategic sweeps of your home. Let us help you stay organized!

What does housekeeping include?

Housekeeping does not include standard cleaning services, see pages for details. Housekeeping is for household tasks beyond sanitizing and wiping down toilets and sinks.

  • Sheet change for beds.
  • 1 load of laundry – washed, machine-dried and folded. You supply laundry detergents and supplies in-home for our crew to use.
  • Room tidying – books placed back in order, desk organized, floor picked up, rugs straightened, toys put away, supplies straightened up.
  • Front/back porch sweeping and tidying.
  • Table tops decluttered.
  • Junk drawer reorganizing
  • Under sink storage organizing
  • Pantry organizing
  • Dish washing (caked-on dishes will be done at the discretion of the cleaner, we recommend at least soaking your dishes if you would like to use our service daily, weekly or otherwise).
  • Closet organizing.
  • Under-bed-check and tidy up.

Call today to schedule your housekeeping, either add-on to your regular standard clean or purchase as single service. Contact us at 412-926-0463